Critical Reading and Writing Q2

October 30, 2010 at 5:14 am (Learning Portfolio 2) ()

Consistency is quite a powerful and important tool when designing anything. It allows for easy use or access. In my above examples of aesthetic products Mobile phone keypad, traffic lights and TV remotes for aesthetic usability you could also look at as being consistent. All these objects are universally the same which is consistency and that makes them easy and enjoyable to use, aesthetically pleasing. Another example of consistency within out everyday surroundings would be a stop sign, all stop signs are the same red with white lettering on a hexagon shaped. This helps us to indentify it as soon as we see it, subconsciously so as soon as we see I we know what to do we don’t have to think about it because that would put our life and other people lives at risk (in terms of a stop sign). Another example would be the hot and cold taps in the bathroom or kitchen. Although the taps may vary in design they consistently have H for hot surrounded by red on the left side and C for cold surrounded by blue on the right side. Again this is a recognition you make subconsciously but it can save us from serious injury from burns, it would help to guide children as to which tap to use and they grow up learning this so it becomes embedded into their brains because it is such an everyday activity. An example of aesthetic consistency is McDonalds and their golden arches; everyone knows what that is even across the world in different countries it is still recognized. McDonalds have kept that same logo for years, which is what helps us recognize it so well, children grow up seeing it in nearly every suburb, on TV, on the radio its everywhere! So it becomes lodged in our subconscious memory so when we see it we don’t even have to think, if you were in France and you walked down the street you wouldn’t recognize much until you came to the McDonalds, which you would know what it was immediately. People crave consistency because it allows easy usability, recognition, efficiency and aesthetics.



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