Critical Reading and Writing Q2

October 30, 2010 at 5:18 am (Learning portfolio 3) (, )


In relation to design and visual communications chunking information is a process that reduces cognitive load. Lidwell, W., Holden, K., & Butler, J. (2003) states that chunking is a technique of combining many units or numbers of information into a limited number of units or chunks so that the information is easier to process and remember. Chunking describes how human memory utilization works (John, F. 2010). Chunking increases efficiency dramatically because it enables one thing to be done at a time being given full concentrations and without any confusion. For example, if you were working in an admin situation you would receive numerous emails throughout the day whilst you are trying to do other work so rather than having to stop what you are doing every time you get an email which would cause distractions and losing your train of thought it would be really valuable if you checked your emails at  a certain time every hour. That way you could see to your emails all at once and get back to what you were doing with full concentration.


John, F. [n.d.]. About.Com: Management: “Don’t Multi-task When You Can Use Chunking”. Retrieved May 2010, from the Web site:



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