Critical Reading and Writing Q2

October 30, 2010 at 5:07 am (Learning portfolio 1) (, )

Many products these days are becoming more aesthetically pleasing because that’s what people want, if you could buy a nice looking mobile phone and a phone you’d never seen before that looks awful complicated you’d probably buy the aesthetically pleasing one. A TV remote control is very aesthetically pleasing because no matter whose house you go to or what countries you go to (most of the time) generally the TV remotes look the same. The same play button (a little sideways triangle – quite often green) the stop change channel you would be able to know who to use a remote even if you hadn’t seen that particular one. Another aesthetically pleasing object found in everyday situations is traffic lights; again like the TV remote generally the setup of a traffic light is the same in most places in the world (and if not they definitely are in Australia). There are 3 same sized lights placed one above another the top lighting up red to tell people to stop. The middle light is orange to signal people to begin the stop and the bottom light is green indicating to people to keep on going. Everyone knows what these 3 lights mean you automatically process them subconsciously as you see them. Another aesthetically pleasing object could be a calculator or a mobile phone keypad. These have a similar idea behind them, although mobile phones have a few extra or different buttons but when focusing on the arrangement of the numbers 0 – 9 and the symbols * and # except for some recent new design mobile phones these numbers remain set out the same on mobile phones in Australia for years. You could pick up your friend new mobile and type a message most of the time without thinking, unless we too are advancing as human beings with time which I am sure we are but that is the demand if a designer put together a phone completely differently we wouldn’t even know it was a mobile phone.


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