Critical Reading and Writing Q3

October 30, 2010 at 5:19 am (Learning portfolio 3) (, )

There is a lot of work and thought process that goes on behind the design of products, if people decide they don’t like the product they wont buy it and the company can lose lots and lots of money. Psychology, in simple terms is the study of the human mind and behaviors, which lends its self to design quite well.  All the constructing elements of a product like colour, size, shape, texture etc work together to capture and lure in the target audience. These elements are used to create a feeling or a message encouraging the intended audience to buy it. Behind all this is Psychology, creating messages and feelings to appeal to certain people. The producers want to know who the consumers mind works, what they want to see and here and what they want so they can design their product to attract people to it causing them to buy it, sometimes weather they need it or not.



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